Coaching Outline

Coaching protocol.


John de Graaf

My Bard MBA colleagues and I interviewed John de Graaf in a podcast, which can be found on GreenBiz.

cook book cover

Heather’s Holiday Cookbook

Click here to discover some of my favorite recipes! Happy Holidays!

conscious company

Entrepreneur’s Toolkit

Everything you need to start and run your business. Includes a rich mixture of information to get you up to speed and tools for getting to work.

googley eyed profile

How to Setup Your Linkedin Profile

How to setup your Linkedin Profile so employers and investors want to throw money at you.

picture of a tent with a simpsons sheet on the top

Ken’s World’s Toughest Mudder 2014 – 50 Miles!

Youtube video of the 2014 World's Toughest Mudder in Las Vegas with my brother, Kenneth Bowden.

picture of Beth Kolko

Beth Kolko Interview – A Human Centered Design Hero

Interview with Beth Kolko, Cofounder and CEO of Shift Labs.


Jimmy Jia Interview – The Composition of an Entrepreneur

Once upon a time, I was part of a podcast. My cohost was John Chiles. Together, we interviewed Jimmy Jia.

picture of katherine who gives the testimonial in the video

Learn about the Power of Elevator Pitching

Testimonial about the power of elevator pitching from Katherine Boyd, data and policy analyst.

picture of geoff from django girls

How Do Creatives Help Make Seattle a Great City?

Big shout out to https://djangogirls.org/ and everyone who participated in this video. It was for a Creative Mornings contest to win a year of Adobe Creative Cloud. I WON! Thank you!

picture of two women from Mary's Place Seattle Women's Shelter holding feminine hygiene products

Simple & Sensitive Suggestion to Help Homeless Women in Seattle

I contacted the Seattle Chapter of Lean In to share her story below and make a simple request that will help homeless women in Seattle.


Undergraduate Senior Thesis

Heather Bowden's undergraduate thesis at St. Mary's College of Maryland.

picture of girl holding a sign that says it's not a sleepover if you can't go home

Homeless Youth in WA State

White paper that I co-authored with four other MBA students. Includes a systems analysis of Homeless Youth in Washington State, identifies leverage points to disrupt the system, and potential business-based solutions to the problem.