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Is consciousness required for memory? Is Robert Wright’s book on is buddhism true true? And if consciousness is required, does that mean that anything, any living thing, with memory also has consciousness? Even if I reflexively pull my hand away from heat, I still need memory to avoid doing it again. That’s the point of being conscious of it.

CRISPR idea. Can organic kevlar be a thing? Can scar tissue be strong enough against knives? What’s a good organic clothes material to protect against knives that you can grow? Want it to be sustainable and ideally regenerative.

Business idea. Grocery delivery to your car in the parking lot. Like that company that partners with restaurants for them to bring the takeout to your car door.

Product idea. Fashionable fanny packs for dresses that don’t have pockets. Tough part is the design to be more pocketlike. Best can think of is waist down apron that’s somehow versatile enough to match with just about anything, but not so pretty it takes away from the dress itself.

Business idea. Delivering meals or selling to grocery stores the amazing dim sum and black bean bao that you can’t get fresh anymore. It tastes do much better if it’s fresh and frozen once it’s made by masters. Sell it for a realistic margin and just explain that it’s a dying art. Just say that it’s dying for a reason: the price hasn’t increased enough and it’s time-consuming and takes skill and talent so if you want it you have to pay for what it’s worth.

Cohesive album-long music videos. Like how movies have popular soundtracks, except it’s just for the album.

Product idea. A panty that attaches to high-end leggings/tights at the inner thigh crevice area. Doesn’t attach with a zipper. Would hooks be too rough? Maybe snap buttons? Or some kind of lacing? To replace traditional tights.

Why is the be back in five minutes sign is a thing? How do you know what the start time is?

Instead of reverse pitch events, have a website where companies post their problems for entrepreneurs to solve.

A web community that has challenges like Hit Record to solve problems. Could be problems of poverty, or even more specific of Seattle homelessness, or even more specific that doesn’t need a company or organization. Could be one-off problems that only takes a team of four or even one three hours to solve. Don’t they have this for coding?

Multiple clips with multiple chains to go all around your hair. Also a hair band just for the baby hairs at your neck that goes ear to ear underneath and behind the head. Maybe even a hair tie in the middle with chains going to two or more clips.

Clothes to protect from attack or at least mortal stabbing.

For speeches, Say something important instead of saying important things.

Who is this book or business NOT for?

Small Things That Make a Big Difference. Use a bidet. If you’re concerned about water usage, each roll of paper towel uses 25 gallons of water to make. I think that if I saw how much water the world was using every day, my head would explode. It is an extremely vast resource. But the pace at which it’s getting stomped…It’s finite.

It’s not about principles, morals, or ethics. It’s about empathy, compassion, the platinum rule, and human connectedness.

If I was perfect, I’d be doing a much better job.

Is it me or is it them?

Can you AI biological evolution? It’s already being used to create alien-looking inert structures and materials, like metallic glass. Can you use AI to create biological things or to create studies that answer all of the things we don’t know such as characterizing all pheromones? CRISPR! What if you merged biomimicry and biological designs with deep learning structures to create new kinds of trees and houses – more highly evolved? This would mean that the spaceships I came up with, that are made of organic material, are totally realistic. I think that only a being or organism could enable us to have interstellar travel. Think of how time and space works for other organisms, energies, and spirits. AI could CRISPR a design for us. Or AI could even advance CRISPR itself. Or one-up CRISPR. Or one up genes!

“She doesn’t value herself so what’s the point in valuing her?” Said by a teenage girl on the light rail after an Orioles game. Yikes!

“The task that hinders your task is your task.” ~Tim Ferriss’s ex girlfriend.

Inclusive cultures through AI. Can AI predict justice? AI’s being used to persuade people to do healthier things – what if we could persuade people to do the “right thing”? How about an incubator where all they do is help create diverse or unbiased AI.

Can you gamify or crowdsource real world or biz problems? Can the games break up problems or crowdsource solutions? How real can SIMS get? Can it be real time? Can advanced players get paid for coins that get a company real money? Gamify a business? What is it about game problems that ppl like to solve? What types? How much dopamine and how often does it have to have? Do you have to add dumb dopamine parts or is there a way to make solving problems or doing business produce enough dopamine? Coins are real money but any currency produces dopamine?

AI is like the ultimate neuroplasticity.

“The reasonable man adapts himself to the world. The unreasonable one persists in trying to adapt the world to himself. Therefore all progress depends on the unreasonable man.” George Bernard Shaw

Can we manufacture bacteria to make flavors or textures to add to other food? And all sorts of nutritional content, based on what we’re looking for. Not just probiotics, but whole bowls of it. It may be more expensive because of the need to prevent undesirable microorganisms from growing. But maybe this whole probiotics thing will help us get there.

Reenact really dumb things that happened to women throughout history. Like stuff we wouldn’t believe in our bubbles that’s still going on in America. For example, when women were sentenced to death for stuff they didn’t do or put in prison for antiquated laws.Or older stuff, like witches. Or just basic office stuff, courageous satire about mansplaining. Act them out like drama. Or more like standup? Or Broad City? Or pure improv?

There needs to be some kind of gut check quiz for your instinct that tells you how good or terrible it is. Like all these other quizzes like Time Paradox, Four Tendencies, Four Chronotypes, etc. If your gut is terrible, the recommendations could be to be wary of confirmation bias and become more metric driven. The results and recommendations would probably needs to involve capturing data from a close contacts’ perspective. Has this research already been done for biz or psych?

If low cholesterol doesn’t mean you’re healthy, just that your body is really good at storing the bad stuff, does high mean you are healthy cause your body’s getting rid of it? There must be some tipping point or indicator that’s not cholesterol. Do we store linoleic acid or does it go into the bloodstream? What are the blood levels in “healthy” and “unhealthy” people? Is linoleic acid normally tested when we get blood work done?

Infomercial for a pocket magnifying glass so elderly can see ingredients and other labels with super long, tiny text.

Better to have a team than a plan.

Business idea. Bugs are so amazing. But the useful ones create so much leachate! There’s gotta be some GMO solution to leachate.

Business idea. By using AI, I think that we can take all the data and see not just optimization opportunities, but also opportunities for paradigm shifts. AI could help us create new governance structures, especially when parameters around equity.

With project-based workstyles, vagabonding can become much more common.

“Freedom can’t be demanded from others — it must be created for ourselves.”

“If you’ve got the cameraman crying, you’ve got the part.”

When it’s so hot and humid outside that it makes us sweat, we could say, “It’s spicy out there!”

The book, The Untethered Soul, says we don’t have awareness when we get absorbed into a tv show or movie. Or the movie of our life. But what about reading? How do you read without losing awareness? For example, this book …haha. Is reading somehow okay to get lost in? And why is that okay?

Do light sleepers have a harder time letting go? Even non-sleep stuff. Are their senses more alert? Or are there senses more sensitive?

If you were watching someone get hypnotised, even on tv, and you played along, would you get hypnotised too?

“Have compassion for earlier versions of yourself.”

“Be a river, not a reservoir.”

I think a lot of people are looking forward to catastrophe because they have the delusion they will be heroes. They don’t do anything with their lives, cause they’re waiting for their “moment to shine”.

I know how to find or create a new mental model, but how does one adopt it. Especially the elusive paradigm shift. Also the women yesterday were using mental model incorrectly. Which reminds how the government is conflating resilience with risk.

“Let your body show you it’s natural intelligence. Give it the chance to show you.”

“When overwhelmed, exercise or axe things from todo list.”

I’m pretty sure the whole, “Dont turn your car off if you’ll only be away for five minutes or less,” thing was started by the oil industry. Because it’s not true at all.

“That which you seek is seeking you.”

I don’t understand why folks are so afraid of cemeteries. If I were a ghost, a cemetery is the last place I’d be hanging out.

Business idea. Satellite insurance.

If you can optimize along the way, it’s much easier to achieve ongoing perfection.

We’re all a repressed memory away from insanity.

“Seeing change is a prelude to being change.” Tim O’Reilly

“When all the legs are running it doesnt matter which order they come in. Just get them all. Ads, sponsors, teams, etc.”

“Crisis is the season for new opportunities.”

A lot of the time, no one listens to a kid who’s being abused, especially if they have a criminal record. It’s fucked up that people don’t listen to kids who finally work up the courage to say something. I also think that a lot of the time, the adult who hears it gets super uncomfortable and doesn’t know what to do, so they default to being a coward and put the kid down even further. Like it wasn’t already bad enough, they have to be another terrible adult example. 1/4 women have been attacked/assaulted/raped/molested. Just in the US! That’s fucking insane! I looked up up the stats for boys (1/33), and am pretty sure that it wasn’t accurate cause they’re less likely to speak up. And I have a personal theory that it’s actually propagated and could theoretically be massively reduced if a few generations were intentional about it. What a clusterfuck we live in! I mean, I know that statically things are getting better – from a percentage standpoint. Our stats are improving! But, we’re also looking at larger populations, so it really is happening a lot more.

I wonder if Trump supporters have a history of being gaslighted. It certainly explains my Mom’s fanatical support of him. It would also mean that 27% of the country has been gaslighted.

Are there gangs in countries without things like contraband and illegal things? What do they do? Although, I guess you could consider any bureaucratic agency in a communist country a gang.

If one of the biggest success factors for minorities is having a same-race/culture/ethnicity/possibly gender identity/possibly sexual orientation, does that mean that it’s the most important for elementary school teachers to be the most diverse of all? Or daycare or montessori if that’s when the bias starts to be recognized by the child. I say possibly gender identity and sexual orientation because I don’t know the research for them and had trouble using the right keywords to find out.

Can the programming of movement be comparable in difficulty to the detailed appearance of living things? For example, can we program a tree to grow into the shape of a house, eventually with built-in shelves and all? Or better yet, something more durable like an exoskeleton? Or a living structure or material we haven’t even thought of yet.

The minions are a great example of genetically engineering helpers. They automatically love their boss, the villain in Despicable Me. They are hopelessly devoted to him. You know how it’s genetics that programs what a spider’s web looks like? Or our attraction to breasts? Or our preference for meat, plants, or both? Our genetically-based preferences, knowledge, and behaviors can get pretty damn specific! I wonder if there’s a limit to how much genetic knowledge can be pre-programmed. At what point does the genome get so long that it’s too bulky to be practical? Can we pre-program the ability to fly a helicopter, kung fu, and manipulate the universe. Unlike Elon, I don’t think we’re living in a computer simulation or the Matrix. But those are just some ideas of skills.

What would a country of only worker owned businesses look like? Everyone complains that there isn’t enough money to cover the true costs of anything. Like, I’m going to complain about the price because I’ve been raised to purchase things created by child labor, inhumane conditions, and ravaging the environment. I have been trained to demand low prices and to overlook the true cost. But there would be more than enough money if most of net profits didn’t go to stockholders (also known as shareholders, but that’s a misleading term being as it isn’t really shared at all). Worker owned coops would mean that your bonuses become 50-100% of the net profits, not just 5 or 10% and the rest going to shareholders who aren’t even local, involved with the company, but have all the power. These people are called absentee stakeholders – because they still get a say, but aren’t even there.

I am a one feature kind of girl. Great hair. Eyeballs. Cheekbones. Smile. Combine that with a solid brain, and I’m a fan!

Business idea. There needs to be a whole line of products for hot messes like sprays and hair shit and so on so that they can look halfway decent after a crazy night out. I have noticed though, that people in NYC seldom wash their hair or clothes. Makes sense, but hmmm haha. Target customers?

It’s ironic that republicans say they want more freedom from government. But most of the time, the people they vote for make many more laws than democrats would through lobbying and stuff. And the laws they make are bad for everyone. Including them. And you and me. Whereas democrats’ laws are arguably to help some to ultimately help everyone. Of course, I’m seriously generalizing here.

Democrats, and hopefully democratic socialists soon, make laws and policies that are good for everyone long-term.

House gloves. Like house slippers.

“I was trying to have my tinder date pay for dinner, but it didn’t work out.” I’ve heard that more than once! haha

Lube really capitalized on circumcision cause uncircumcised dicks don’t need lube ever. I wonder if it’s made anyone else any money.

I feel bad opening tinder anywhere but from my home cause I feel like I’m wasting people’s time.

Before I teach a class, ask for everyone’s learning styles.

How to save the world. Take young people and have them spend the first ten years of their adults lives investing in their experiences, education, and growth. Tim Ferriss and others have echoed this. But the impact is that by the time the decade’s over, they have taken over. Cause everyone knows that the folks who are running the world aren’t nearly as smart and too chicken to just get smarter. This would inherently reduce consumption for that generation because they’re not spending nearly as much money on things.

Product Idea. A dress to replace purses with wire mesh inside the lining of the pocket so that it’s not stealable and likely to have stuff fall out or create holes. Would work best with eShakti brand dresses, which have huge pockets.

Hasn’t the grant system done more harm than good by stifling science? Researchers get pigeonholed into more and more specific research on, for example, one single protein. It keeps their labs open and grants them tenure at schools, but sucks away at their souls. Exploratory science is now impossible, causing anyone but rock star grant writers to disappear. Einstein is probably the most famous example of how broken the grant system is. Most research is fake data. Corporations partner with academia so that grants can fund their research, the fruits of which fuel corporations’ pockets through shareholder dividends. The next cure to cancer is only shared in press releases to boost stock price and shareholder dividends. And what happens to the cure? It gets shelved, like many other cures, because disease and poor human health is too profitable. The longer we live in misery, the longer we can pay for treatment. Even though public money funded this research, none of it belongs to the public. So, we can’t even fight for that cure to become public property for the common good. I don’t think the negative impacts of the grant system were intentional initially, but the incentives to keep them going are clear.

Jar of marbles with one marble per week of rest of life.

“What are we working for? Is the purpose of work to solve problems or to creatively express oneself?” Zen and the Art of Making a Living

Are people only speaking up about Harvey Weinstein and Travis Kalanick? Or about other guys too? It’s not helpful enough or much of a movement or progress if it’s only the two of them.

Business idea. Organic buildings. Maybe based off of insect exoskeletons?

In reference to the bacteria that is protected from radiation. Is crispr better than mage? How are they different? What other superpowers could we get that would be useful? Especially in space.

The question that I desperately need to answer: What if everyone on the world was an entrepreneur? Had access to being entrepreneurial? Not just starting businesses, but all of the other characteristics of an entrepreneur like holistic and systems thinking, empathy, vision, opportunism, grit, conviction, enrollment, inspiration, etc. I need to know what this will look like. The vision is fuzzy, but it brought tears to my eyes. Which is how I know I need to answer it. I couldn’t even imagine or predict what that would look like.

App for entertaining you on the toilet. Can choose time length of activities based on your average poop time.

Maybe can sell business plans to companies like licensing ideas. Way better than market research reports.

App that makes TV one volume for people with housemates that are highly sensitive people.

I love how the 1% like to spend money on raising awareness for issues that the 99% are already well aware of so that the 99% can help pay to never solve it while the 1% have the resources to just solve it in the first place

Do first world citizens not realize that we are the cause for the continued suffering in the world? That we are responsible for capitalism? That each one of us extracts an amount of resources I can’t fathom, and employs thousands, if not hundreds of thousands of people? And that all of this is rooted in white supremacy?

What happens when you tell the ending at the beginning? Of a presentation, story, movie. Is the journey and story there more or less riveting?

Tv show about 10’s, like the women that are 10’s. But true 10’s in every way, not just appearance.

The anti reality tv show. People do challenges that help and make a difference. We see examples of great teams. We provide coaching. We see innovation, collaboration, and impact in real time.

Can I do a reality tv show about something that’s as interesting and impactful as Catfish?

Nonprofits are a cop-out and distraction for companies, governments, and people from making themselves from being responsible, accountable, regenerative, and even more useful.

Business idea. AI for predicting food palate and new recipes?

“The best option is the one that creates more options.” Derek Sivers

“Don’t get angry. Get smart.”

Did DUI’s drop with Uber?

If I say, “I wrote about that” instead of “I wrote a blog post about that”, would that be better?

With all the colleges closing, does that mean that most education will move online and demand for colleges will go toward zero? My guess is that VR…

Business idea. Site where you upload your photo and get the 80 year old version of yourself. Then, for a modest fee, you can get a copy mailed to you in a tube with a collapsible frame that fits in the tube. Based on a tferriss podcast where AJ Jacobs says that he has a picture of his 82 year old self on his wall and it is incredibly motivating for all sorts of things.

It takes courage to change your convictions. ~paraphrased from AJ Jacobs

Story about someone who paid for college by being a psychic.

What if one being got to travel through/see it all? Just cause of tech and immortality? Not cause it created it the universe or whatever.

What’s on the other side of the universe?

I admire anyone who isn’t afraid of heights.

One of the most beautiful people I’d ever met said, “I think I just eat when I want sex.”

What’s up with guys saying they look young for their age, but they really look their age?

It’s easier to say I can’t choose rather than “no one’s going to choose me”.

What do I need to stop trying to prove?

Is it too late for my career to be Explorer?

I want a friend to go in the wilderness with me.

Book idea. Everybody cums.

Can another person ruin something for you? I think we all know that that means.

Why isn’t the whole tent made out of tarp?

CRISPR idea. Grass that only grows to a short height.

Find rural places, like mini planned housing developments, and offer to build community amenities on the empty lots of whatever.

New York City – where people go to be single forever.

Product idea. A rake where the rake’s head tips go crooked to get the leaves and go straight to scoop the leaves up?

“Well done is better than well said.” ~God Dammit Ben Franklin

New York City: Where the trees are your garbage can.

Nobody’s ugly when they smile with joy.

Is muse just a nice way of saying lover?

Don’t be a Donkey. I can do everything I want to do. I need foresight and patience. ~Inspired by Derek Sivers.

“If you let your learning lead to action, you become wealthy.”

PhD’s are desperately needed but also BS at the same time. No one cares about R&D (comment on pg 101, Makers & Takers).

How can you be a contract research organization (CRO) and not get corrupt? Who pays? Same for any research organization, including academia.

Do a series of talks asking participants to be the experiment. Have them not hire MBA as CEO – someone else instead because your business will fail with an MBA. So gamble on a better bet. Pg 97, 98 scariest trends (not sure from what book, probably Makers and Takers, found this on a post-in, but could confirm if someone asked).

Study the great. They are outside of this country – countries that used to suck, went through a period of turmoil, and them got their shit together – Germany.

Make business case for an education in sustainability. Education is broken, business is broken, complex systems are getting more complex.

The Big Short failed to educate or piss anyone off enough for change because Americans prefer to dream about being successful and admired rather than acknowledging how much it fucked them (prevents success).

My systems diagrams are circular because I only focus on one possibility at a time.

It’s never enough to just do the research. Information is never enough!

“Don’t run because you have to. Run because you can.” ~Casey Neistat

Train for car shipping like the VA-> FL Amtrak train except SF->NY.

It’s sad that shower ideas waste water. I’ve just got to come up with ideas that balance the water.

“Never go to sleep without a request to your subconscious.” ~Thomas Edison

“Diversification reduces stress.”

“Losers have goals. Winners have systems.”

Etymology of Entrepreneur – “between taking”??? Well, this is alarming.

Interview Wikipedia contributors.

The times for astounding innovation were Egypt. Were they peaceful times?

All these scares about vaporizer pens blowing up in people’s faces! Are there signs that a pen is about to blow up?

I think that I have handbag shoulders.

What if the whole world’s just batshit crazy cause of VOC’s and endocrine disruptors? What if it starts with the air?!

Apply design thinking to life.

We already have human -> machine cyborgs. When will we have machine -> human cyborgs? Like Ghost in the Shell.

“Failure is always simply a strategy. How do I become less competitive in order that I can become more successful?”

“Either do things worth the writing, or write things worth the reading.” ~Thomas Fuller

How can we have fair labor, fair resources, and Life Cycle Analysis in our businesses with prices that are still accessible? It seems that in reality, producing goods sustainably costs more, thereby increasing price and making the good inaccessible. How can sustainable goods be accessible? Is there a market now? Pricing products accessibly shrinks shareholder profits and for young businesses, shrinks margins. What if the way to achieve price accessibility is to be free for the poor (presumably to help them have more money and ideally get richer) and ultra premium for the rich – and for when poor get richer? This year, I’ve been purchasing products that seem sustainable, and it’s been costing me 3-5x. I think that the most important part of this process is learning and accepting what the “true cost” is of a product.

“Where’s the one place in the world that you cannot lose?” ~Jack Donaghy

Welp. Looks like Beme is going to do exactly what Pewdiepie had started doing about a year ago. Only took them a year to figure it out. For the record, I have denounced Pewdiepie. Partially because of how he’d bought a service just like Beme did, and it didn’t work out.

Too many superheroes became superhuman by accident. And no one tries to just redo it. If you could get bitten by a radioactive spider and turn into spiderman, there’d be a whole industry built around it with all sorts of animals and god knows what. I think that in reality, “superhero” things will be more alien (realistic but unimaginable) and intentional. Speaking of DNA, when we learn language, we connect abstractions, the physical universe, and neural patterns with sounds. But DNA didn’t have to learn its language from anywhere other than trial and error, and a bit of luck. Cause it works physically, like molecularly. It’s mostly shapes fitting into other shapes in response to stimuli. And the stimuli work for physical reasons too! The properties of physics! It’s so weird!

Is “fellas” a nonthreatening way of saying man? This is a Seattle and queer-based curiosity.

I’m one of those wackadoodles who believes that if we play our cards right, telekinesis is on the table.

It can’t be a coincidence that so many Chinese words and names are synonyms for dick in America. What’s the history here?

Is it true that we evolved to crave fat and carbs? Or are they really just drugs? Like the chemicals in our food? And is this just another widely accepted, impossible to prove, and reasonable sounding theory now become fact? That conveniently enough, contributes to a worldwide and profitable epidemic? “I can’t help it because I evolved this way.”

Did the prostitution industry in the US experience a dip with Tinder?

Is it just me or is the hottest time of day getting later and later? I feel like almost 10 years ago until recently, it was hottest 3:30-4:30pm. Now it’s like 5/6.

Would trickle down work if it came from the middle class? Cause we know it is complete bullshit when said to come from the top (or tippity top, or tippity tippity top).

Does satire work? The people being made fun of generally love it (finance guys in Wolf on Wall Street, tech folks in Silicon Valley, office drones in Office Space and The Office). But it’s supposed to be a cringey mirror. It seems like it instead hypernormalizes the behavior/culture/lifestyle. It also helps people who are doing bad/unworkable things feel seen (and therefore get a therapeutic benefit). So, what is the intention of satire and does it work? Let me see some metrics!

Book idea. Series of books that have beautiful pictures of nature or the backyard with captions like, “where’s the bird?” and maybe bonus “what kind of bird is it?” Like the nature version of Where’s Waldo? At the very least, it would teach your kids some survival skills haha.

I’m totally prepared with a bugout bag, but what would be the signs that I need to jet?

“Find ways to say yes.” Laszlo Bock

“People who stand near the holes in a social structure are at a higher risk of having good ideas.” Ronald Burt

No matter how small the chance, if you could get exposed to radioactive material and get superpowers, people would line up.

Tim Ferriss has gotten better at podcasting over time through intentional refinement. Tools of the Titans is a distillation of those podcasts. It’s like a hundred million lifetimes of wisdom. You could easily spend the rest of your life reading it over and over again and have a great life.

Tinder is so awful because of seemingly limitless choices. You don’t have to choose anyone (which is how love and marriage work, continuously choosing the other person) because as soon as you discard them, you get the instant gratification of potential replacements. As a result, you have the luxury of cutting off others instead of having difficult conversations and growing together. In fact, part of the fun in rejecting someone is the dopamine! You are also rewarded when you get bored of someone or “reject them before they reject us” because you can just find someone new. The problem with getting bored with people is that it’s a symptom of the chronic illness of being bored with yourselves. In the end, what’s the best way to a six pack? Probably just fucking.

“Argue for your limitations, and sure enough, they’re yours.” ~Richard Bach

“If you set a crazy, ambitious goal and miss it, you’ll still achieve something remarkable.” ~Larry Page

Be your own experiment.

Name of VC Fund: More Gravy Please

Is there a market for nonirradiated foods?

“People overinvest in the headline issues”

“Raise the salience of issues that people do not currently care about”

Is hr ever a competitive advantage? (yes, if it’s great, always)

Early last school year (September/October 2016), I shared with a budding startup that I thought that they should focus on developing sustainable packaging for the cosmetics industry instead of trying to develop a health & beauty product that had sustainable packaging (super crowded space, too many things, etc.). After 9 months of struggling, they finally realized they should just focus on packaging. I was a bit peeved, so discussed it with them. They shared that it was actually better in the end because now they understood how the products worked inside of the containers, so they’d be better at designing the packaging. Even though some would say they learned the hard way, they actually learned what they needed to be better at the easier way. It reminds me of when angel investors and others give advice to startups. I wonder if the startups would be better off just learning the hard way – it may save more time in the long-term.

Why are we stupid enough to be fat?

Write fiction about what I would do if I were a Silicon Valley escort.

When your best is total garbage.

What’s better? Kefir or pill probiotics?

What if obesity’s biggest ally was parasites? How to get rid of them?

“The Ancient Greeks defined happiness as the joy of moving towards our potential” (Achor, 2010).

Negotiation Therapy. The ultimate business mediator.

“The people who don’t matter mind, and the people who do matter don’t mind.” ~Dr. Suess. Great example is Thor. It means that I also don’t matter because I often do mind, but I’m working on it.

“Come to Work, On Purpose.”

Find the gateway person to all of my heroes.

Importance. What’s more important? Feeling important? Being important? Doing important? What’s important?

Don’t just hire people you like. Hire people you like AND admire.

“Create change, choose balance.”

Seeing blog posts from a year ago and dealing with the same shit is a sure way to change.

If I move overseas, I will always be different.

All animal drug studies are flawed. Most rat studies with drugs have the rats in isolation. If they are socialized with other rats, they don’t do the drugs. Like people. Hint Hint.

Sequel to Frozen. About the sisters running the castle and land. The business and government side.

Self actualization is inaccessible.

“I ALWAYS WANT TO ARGUE. But I’m in a library.”

App idea. Mom dating. Okc for single moms who need help. Answer q about child rearing. Can do community events. Teaching each other how to cook, maybe ethnic cuisine, etc.

Don’t overanalyze.

Do scientific literature reviews treat published literature as fact or do they also validate, especially the materials and methods?

App idea. To introduce neighbors who are down with sharing wifi to other neighbors who want to share via text. Maybe they split the bill. You go into search for wifi. And get a temporary wifi passcode. You have an account that withdraws money, maybe? Like you can borrow someone’s wifi by the minute? Maybe you target places where wifi is stupidly going to be privatized for a while, or at least the foreseeable future. I mean, can wifi become like electricity and water in domesticated countries, already?

Why do entrepreneurs with successful exits become investors? Why don’t they use their exit money to start something new? And if they do, why do they fundraise again instead of using their own money?

“You write the way you breathe.” Soman Chainani

Get to the point where you’re not editing as you’re writing. You get there by trusting yourself and that’s when the great stuff happens, when you’ve gotten into a rhythm. Soman Chainani

Life – “It’s just about doing all the bad stuff to get to the good stuff.” Soman Chainani

The worst part of shopping: all the packaging!

Buffets: Let’s be entertained by food for a while.

Wouldn’t it be funny if certifications were driven by the packaging industry? So that companies had to pay way more money for over 3 colors of ink? Cause of the certification logos that have to be added.

I’m glad that #grabyourwallet has had so much success in boycotting Trump products. But we can assume that they are not made sustainably (because pretty much nothing is). How can we get a list like this for sustainability?

I was at a Seattle Girl Geek Dinner last night. We were talking about Uber, and four of us had deleted the app from our phones. An older woman said, “I can’t just stop using a company because I don’t like them. I wouldn’t be able to buy anything.” This was a big trigger for me. I said that now, we as consumers, have more power than ever before. If we pick up the phone and make one quick call asking about sustainability, the company listens. Juno is trolling Uber with everything from stock ownership, fair pay, and mimicking Uber’s interface on the app. They’ve had 6 million rides in the last year with only word-of-mouth advertising. All of their drivers have a 4.8 minimum rating. Uber lost 20,000 drivers in Manhattan when the Medium posts went up. Uber is struggling so much to keep consumers and drivers, that they have to subsidize driver pay if a minimum threshold isn’t met. We have more power now as consumers than ever before. One woman said, “I’m just afraid that I’ll be in a city where Uber’s wiped out all of the cabs, and only Uber’s left. Then I’ll have to use it.” I responded, “If we continue to act now (she was one of the three who had deleted it), we won’t get to that point.” Before I knew it, six women were listening intently to this. I hope it made a difference.

I was talking with someone who used to work for Facebook the other day. They said that when the SpaceX rocket crashed and took the internet satellite with it, Africa as a continent lost internet that was coming to them. Why isn’t anyone talking about that? Holy shit. Africa could have had internet right now. The whole continent. For free. What would the world have looked like?

I’m pretty sure whoever got wearing different earrings started was a sustainability genius. Cause now we don’t have to get rid of our favorite earrings if we lose one.

Man, Elsa’s parents were terrible at listening. They completely misinterpreted what the trolls said to do.

What if there was a correlation between obesity and using Sensodyne toothpaste?

Sometimes when I’m on Google, I wish my mouse cursor would change to the middle finger. Instead, it turns into a stupid pointy finger.

What if there was a company for emergency texting? For people who want to go off the grid, but need to know if shit goes down.

What if you could ride a train with your car from SF to NY, just like the Amtrak train that goes from VA to FL?

What if there was an app for sexual compatibility? But how to ensure a diverse group of users, and not just the adventurous?

What if there was a way for Americans to crowdfund Canadian lands?

When we are adults, do we have fewer tantrums because we better understand why not great things happen (like airplane sickness) or do we just learn to deal with the suffering?

#1 Thing to look for in a cofounder: Liking each other. You have to like each other as people. You have to like being with each other, even in silence. You have to like each other, even at their worst. You have to like each other, even when you’re not getting along.