I realized that this will probably be my last chance to be creative for a while.

So, let me begin.

For a while, IBM thought that energy was holding us back from getting a computer mouse brain.

picture of computer mouse that looks like a brain

This was like 2009 or 2010.

But as it turns out, we don’t need a computer mouse brain at all.

I mean, AI’s already had a tough enough time of becoming a thing.

But AI’s path is actually a very common one: ton of progress, other technology can’t keep up, innovation slows, AI dies.

Then AI gets resurrected, and this repeats again.

I think that we’re getting useful AI now because we realized that we don’t need more mouse brains. Wouldn’t it be more efficient to just create a whole new brain?

Yes. Kevin Kelly thinks that AI will replace things that humans shouldn’t be doing. Efficient or productive things, like monotonous tasks. For example, I don’t think humans should be driving around packages, and especially mail. Humans can be so dumb when it comes to jobs and work.

Kevin Kelly predicts that AI will create more jobs than are lost, mostly because of the things AI will make possible that we can’t even imagine yet. Like how Steve Jobs was best at creating jobs through innovation.

I call it innovation because I am one of those people who thinks innovation is just 1-upping everyday things. It may be everyday to a small group of people, but odds are, it’s everyday to someone. Innovation of the iPhone case, the screen protectors, the apps, the digital health, and so on. None of it is rocket science.

But we’re not taught innovation, so innovation seems like genius. It’s not. Or put another way, we’re all geniuses. Well, we could be. In some scenarios.

In order for us to be free, we need that which does not think like us. Some buddies. But non-humans cause frankly, we already killed the other humanoids. We’re clearly not going to get along with anyone else.

For a while. Until we’re diverse in a way that works. Until we’re aliens. 

So, we have to get rid of the everyday stuff. That’s the whole point of all of this innovation. So we can realize our full potential.

Some folks say, “So, what? We’re just going to be creative all the time? Is that what you mean by free?”

If you’d like to see an example of what freedom looks like, click creative all the time.

picture of sarcasm, it's how i hug

How horrible!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

That’s not to say we won’t have jobs, because we will. But even there, we will all get to be creative all the time. And the world will be pretty awesome. A lot of this is stuff that Kevin Kelly talks about.

Unfortunately, I think the window to be recklessly creative is rapidly closing and will be closed for quite some time. A decade or two at least. And I really think I’ve done myself (and the world harr harr) a disservice by not being a starving artist. I’ve been a starving wantrepreneur, sure. And sometimes, even an entrepreneur. But not an artist. Or even an author. I’ve really taken my privilege for granted.

What we have here is a collective action problem. Where I fucked up so much in the first 29 years of my life that I have been selfishly playing catch-up on investing in myself so that I’m not a charity anymore. I’ve been taking advantage of the privilege to make up for lost time, for sure. But all this time, I neglected to selfishly pursue my art too. Or to create much value in general. Just rocks rolled uphill and silly content.

Instead of doing, I don’t know, activism or something.

Either way, I need to look forward.

I have this new thing I’ve added to my routine. When I wake up, I stave off getting on the computer, and instead read 1 chapter/section (like 5 pages) in Tools of the Titans.

And the weirdest thing happened.

Let’s use today as an example since it’s the freshest. By the way, I only have an n of 5 since I got the book this past Friday.

So, I’m going about my day, minding my own business, when I get a little discouraged. But then, instead of whatever’s next being a grind, I hear myself feel, “Just keep moving forward,” and well, I’ll be damned. That’s just what I did. With the day at its end, I can say with certainty that today was a damn good day.

But I digress.

Kevin Kelly says that we’ll use AI to create robots that do everything we can’t or don’t want to do. And that at some point, AI’ll be able to do everything we can do, but that’s a long ways out (so we shouldn’t worry about it).

Frankly, I don’t think we’re ready for AI at all. And not for the reasons you think.

Humanity will be completely and hopelessly vulnerable. Not to AI’s becoming self-aware, cause that won’t happen for a while.

My guess is that some maniac will become the robot overlord.


Get in line.

And I know we always get out of it in the movies, someway, somehow. But my biggest concern is that in real life, we won’t get out of it.

Have you seen Dollhouse? Season 1 Recap. Season 2 Trailer. I think this reality could easily happen in 20 years. 25 tops. But I think it will be worse than the tv show, because it won’t be kept a secret for that long.

So AI robots run by a maniac or maniacs. Or Dollhouse. Most likely both.

And even more likely one human and only robots. And then, only robots.

How bleak.

So, hopefully neither of those things will happen (or god forbid, both, ::shudder::), and we’ll get to the limitless era of limitless prosperity first.

We just gotta hurry it up and get our genes in order. Cause unless we can prove the superiority of biology, and I truly believe that biology can be superior with a complete understanding of genetics, we’re not going to be around for much longer.