Thanks, Sylvia Raskin, CEO.


Thanks, Women Helping Other Women.

I’m Heather Bowden. I’m a former entrepreneur and scientist. Now everything.

I often hear others ask the universe, WTF?????

A good scientist has freed himself of concepts
and keeps his mind open to what is.

~Tao Te Ching

Let’s change that mental model or paradigm to YTF?. Cause it’s much more empowering. Try it.

Cause I need you to join my tribe. And ask it to me. So we can grow together. Cause it’s lonely being the only one doing the asking. And frankly, I’m not always the best at asking myself. ::insert now-obvious case for multiple, diverse voices::

I’m a fan of doggies, tech, tferriss, baby goats, snow, courageous satire, and human smell.

I just moved to Baltimore Co. after over eight years in Silicon Valley and Seattle. Baltimore has a badass up-and-coming tech scene. It’s been fun.

And yes, the show Silicon Valley is accurate. In real life, Richard would probably make it in Silicon Valley, but wouldn’t in Seattle.

I enjoy powerpoint presentations, blogging, conferences, networking events, optimization, analyzing and diagramming systems, asking questions, offices and coworking spaces, radiating energy that inspires innovation and collaboration, predicting the future, and generally being helpful.

AI, CRISPR, and Futurism are super cool.

My life models are

I also think that what Peter Diamandis does is pretty useful. Although, a genius Tinder date who’s part of those circles told me his company is all for show :-/.

My results from Strengthsfinder are Restorative, Strategic, Activator, Individualization, and Significance. I think they’re pretty accurate. I’d like for someone to do a study on how relationships work (and their frequency) for people with Restorative and Significance. Maybe even on people who have all five of these. Thanks.

Donate some of your hard-earned cash to my Paypal at anyafenix@gmail.com. I’d use it to help pay for hosting and stuff. It would be nice to net zero on this.

Either do things worth the writing, or write things worth the reading.

~Thomas Fuller

early cavemen blogging things like burped and itched

Everything is interesting to someone.